What Hadi will share with you & your audience:

- 1 out of 4 of your employees will become disabled at some point. Here's what you need to do (as a leader) to avoid huge negative impacts.

- Insure-tech is radically transforming the insurance industry right now. Fast moving entrepreneurs can strike gold by partnering with legacy insurance companies.

- Leveraging no-code platforms can lead to exponential growth. Hadi can tell some great stories about this!

- How to scale beyond startup as a 100% remote company.

Our 20 to 30-min podcast shares amazing founder stories who reveal the smartest strategies for scaling TODAY.

- Raised more than $15M to grow his company Asteya to $25M in insurance premiums in under 3 years.

- Founder of multiple 7-figure+ international companies.

- Podcaster with many a-lister guests including the founder of Beats Music and founder of Shazam.

Please watch this quick video first:

Guest requirements:

On this podcast, you must be:

CTO, CIO, CISO, CEO of Insurance

Companies, Reinsurance companies,

insur-techs, MGAs

Insurance Companies,

MGA, Insurtech

  • Common IT & Business language

  • Simplified and accelerated implementation and delivery

  • Agility and ability to optimize quickly

  • Easy integration with existing


  • Deliver new revenue models and products online

CIO Magazine,

Coverager, Insurance


  • Slow time-to-market

  • Very slow prototyping process

  • Ineffective collaboration with non-technical colleagues

  • ever-ending backlogs of requests

  • Bloated backlogs and the need to continuously re-work

    applications, with fewer bugs

  • Managing increasingly complex,

    disparate digital ecosystems.

  • Ineffective change request process

  • Handling unknown unknowns’


  • High cost to develop and manage

    new digital transformation requests

  • Apply below to be a guest on the podcast.

If your application is accepted:

  • I will share some vital tips (via video) to help you connect with our audience, gain some great exposure, share the questions I'll ask, and hopefully encourage some great connections and customers from our audience.

  • Enjoy the scheduled interview with me via Zoom video.

  • Assistants & PR Agencies: Please supply the GUEST'S contact information for scheduling/confirmation purposes.

Some final tech tips...


We'll be recording on Zoom VIDEO. We will likely grab a couple 30-60 second video snippets of our chat to promote you to our audience. Try to be well-lit so we can see your smiling face!

Download Zoom (free) here:



Please have a quality microphone ready to go prior to our interview. Gaming headsets and internal laptop microphones are usually very poor quality and will require rescheduling our interview.

3 good options:

ATR-2005 https://amzn.to/2yTgQMi

Blue Yeti https://amzn.to/2p8zvPj

Blue Snowball https://amzn.to/2paKwPQ

Order this on Amazon and you can have it in 2 days. If you would like to do more podcast interviews, this is something you'll want to have.


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